Moving Assessment

Complete Your 8  Self Assessment Chart 

Moving home to a new area, place and environment maybe an easy choice and decision making for many of us, but for others it can be a little more complicated or come with a risk factor. Perhaps being undecided with a

“  YES ”  /   “ NO ”  /   “ DON’T KNOW. “

Considering Moving – Things To Do 

Ask yourself some important questions to clear your mind – have clarity.

  • Why do I want to move?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Are there any disadvantages – if so what?
  • Can I overcome any disadvantages – how?
  • Can you satisfactorily move forward?
  • What support if any do you need and from whom?
  • Can I call on this support?

Write down the positives about this proposed move. Write down any identified negatives about this move. Ask yourself does the positives easily out way the negatives.

  • Consider what you want within the next 2 years and in the next 5 years?
  • Has anything changed that may alter your thoughts on moving?
  • When considering your options is there anyone else likely to be affected by this move?
  • If so, who are they, a partner, family or relative – does their views count?
  • Will their choice be supportive and assist with your decision?

Visit your new proposed home a few times and bring along a family member for further input and for support with your final decision making.  Ask yourself will it benefit and improve my job prospects – career, my family, is it an improved environment, will it support my health, well-being and will it improve my overall quality of life or for retirement purposes if applicable.   

Consider some areas that may impact on your final decision. Place a tick in the boxes that clarifies a positive on a move, or a cross in the box that will not benefit a move. Consider all the people connected to this move in this assessment.

Either way, your decision can be life changing. Consider carefully what you want, be positive and decisive and go with your head as well as your heart feelings for what is the right thing to do.

Importantly don’t rush your decision and take the time you need to weigh up all options and choices available to you.