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*Build confidence & success 

*Conquer stress and fears

*Achieve life balance

*Boost career evolution 

*Accomplish goals


Lawrie Scott, your dedicated qualified life coach & mentor    

Accredited to: The Coaching Academy UK    


My mission is to help you unlock and reach your potential and transform your life. To reach your goals of all kinds. 

The sessions can be through one-to-one or within small groups and workshops. 

This would take place at an agreed time and venue. The number of sessions will vary from person to person through your choice and support needs.

What are the benefits of receiving coaching or mentoring? The benefits are endless, but include,

*Improved individual performance *increased motivation *raised confidence *overcome personal barriers & set-backs *personal growth *achieve objectives, positive outcomes and success with goals *feelgood factor.

You’ll leave our session pumped up, and eager to start making positive changes.

In life there can be many challenges that we will face and sometimes hold us back, it is how we deal with this and find solutions or a way to conquer these problems that can help us to move forward with less stress and to feel happier and more successful.

We all need  from time to time some advice, guidance, support. perhaps confidence, perhaps motivation to reach our desired outcomes.

That is a good time to turn to a coach or mentor that can provide much needed help, outlining a plan of action and  key support.

A coach or mentor can be your role model and someone you can trust and turn to, when things are tough and you need to overcome those challenges and reach your desired outcome or destination  or path to success.

What is my niche?  I will work with any client that needs my coaching  & mentoring help, but of course, it is essential that we decide that we are a good fit for each other.

Motivation is key to planning and achieving positive outcomes and results.

I will provide quality coaching to students that may need extended help with motivation or confidence, through study assignments and or education / career development, or perhaps with a hindrance or interference that is preventing and blocking potential and achievements.

To take immediate steps and action. To get you back on track and to achieve your desired outcomes.

I will provide quality coaching to young and older adults that are finding issues or problems difficult to manage and overcome. To turn your life around and enjoy the benefits you deserve.

Perhaps those that are educationally and or socially disengaged. To make the changes towards a better future.

To define your goals and work on a plan of action to achieve them. I will be there for you step by step and keep you on the right track.

I will provide quality coaching to those in the community that need more from their current life. A solution focus approach to difficulties and challenges. To lead happier and more successful lives.  


“ I have known Lawrie for over 10 years. Personally of very good character, excellent communicant. Occupational passion, organisational confidence. Long established experience. Attention to etiquette, indisputable code of conduct.” 

Roger, Independent Advocate  4 U, Surrey    

“ Lawrie always gave me sound advice and support. I think he is amazing and has so much to give to others with his experience and coaching skills.” 

Julia, Team Manager, Single Homeless Project, London


I have 20 + years of experience providing service delivery to people from various age groups, cultures and backgrounds.

I pride myself in having built and established professional rapports with clients, colleagues and agencies.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in social care within the public sector.

I have worked on contracting roles within challenging and complex project environments. With a wealth of experience from coaching, mentoring, counselling and project management.

I have been a personal adviser for care leavers, scheme manager, residential experience, supported housing and outreach.

Coached & mentored clients, moving to independence and with life skills.  Supported clients through stress, raising confidence, life balance and with career development. 

I have supported an organisation to build a floating support, outreach service from scratch. 

This gave me great job satisfaction, seeing it grow and benefiting many people that signed up for the service.

I also trained with Cruse – Bereavement Care, counselling.  

I have provided support to 3 charity organisations by raising funds for their clients.

I have a catering background too. I have worked in small  hotels and was a chef  manager for a catering contractor.

I enjoy taking on cooking or baking group sessions or programme designed to meet clients needs at various levels.


>Accredited life coach – trained with the Coaching Academy UK >Teachers city & guilds >Diploma in welfare studies >Diploma in counselling skills >Certificate in social care >Catering city & guilds >Massage training.          


Is that the client has unlimited potential to achieve, but for one reason or another can be faced by interference’s that block that potential.

Part of my role is to help the client to uncover these interference’s and then to address them for themselves through considering the options available and committing to action.


Let me celebrate your progress, development, success and achievements.     

Free to email between sessions to keep you supported.



I am here for you

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