Your Personal Self Assessment

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A useful coaching tool for the client to use during a coaching session/s theirWheel of Lifethis is an interesting concept and can give the client the opportunity to explore other paths.

Through this self assessment it can help you identify with other areas that may need attention that may have initially not been recognised and or useful for discussion and clarity to what you may wish to work on, or perhaps not.

This in turn can allow for further or extended input that can only benefit you the client and the coaching process. For example, life balance. Ask for this service.


 >The fear of failure ! 
      >The fear of rejection ! 
        >The fear of success !     


If you find yourself in one of these 3 categories don’t delay, get the help you need NOW! Overcome adversity, you owe it to yourself.


               The light, not the darkness that most frightens us.”


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