“ Lawrie was great, very personable & welcoming. Respect his knowledge and his approach.” 

Client, self-esteem & self care workshop, Oakleaf Enterprise, Surrey  


“ Lawrie was extremely friendly and personable, made me feel at ease. I felt less anxious and now have a  skill and a plan of action.”   

“ Given me more strategies and confidence, the atmosphere was calm and everyone engaging.” 

Clients, Stress & Anxiety Workshop, Oakleaf Enterprise, Surrey


“ I would like to commend Lawrie, as a good helper and in compassionate.” 

Client, Career Development, Surrey 


“ I have known Lawrie for over 10 years. Personally of very good character, excellent communicant. Occupational passion, organisational confidence. Long established experience. Attention to etiquette, indisputable code of conduct.” 

Independent Advocate  4 U, Surrey    


“ Using his years of experience working with people of all ages and walks of life Lawrie has taught me a lot and happily parting with his knowledge, his advice and guidance has been priceless.

Not only has Lawrie renewed my faith in my current role, but he has also encouraged me by identifying my positive qualities to pursue other career paths which I am actively looking into.

Lawrie’s enthusiasm, ability to motivate, problem solving skills, whilst maintaining boundaries and a positive approach has not only helped myself but also the clients that Lawrie has been working with.

Lawrie’s support skills, extensive years of experience and his “out of the box” thinking means that he has been able to adapt his support to individuals on an individual basis and to help them get the best out of themselves. I feel honoured to have had the privilege of working alongside Lawrie as a “mentor” and hope that I will do so again in the future.” 

Support Co-ordinator, Home Group, Surrey


“ Lawrie started up a baking group activity, it exceeded my expectations. I was apprehensive beforehand, but Lawrie created a relaxed inclusive and informative atmosphere. I felt that it dealt with my support needs and goals well. I was learning to interact within a group but in a less intensive manner. Having the focal point and support that Lawrie brought helped a lot.” 

Client, Home Group, Surrey


“ Lawrie always gave me sound advice and support. I think he is amazing and has so much to give to others with his experience and coaching skills.” 

Team Manager, Single Homeless Project, London


“ Lawrie provided support to help me overcome a relationship problem and with other difficulties I was experiencing.

Lawrie showed great empathy throughout and was able to assist me to identify the areas I needed to work on. Then I was able to make the positive changes, this in turn showed me the way forward, giving me greater confidence.” 

Client, Single Homeless Project, London


“ Lawrie put in an appeal letter on my behalf when I was refused a community care grant application by the DWP – outcome I received £1,300. It was fantastic, as I was able to buy furniture / items for my first independent flat – home. I couldn’t have done it without his support. Lawrie also coached me to overcome other issues.” 

Client, University Student, London