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Coaching & Mentoring will focus on steering you through your chosen path with what you really want to do and to achieve in your life!  Transforming peoples lives.

Building Confidence 

Confidence can be raised through completing a task, passing exams, on successfully achieving your goals.

Coaching & mentoring can support you to build upon your confidence through using your strengths and skills to overcome the areas that you find a little difficult or more stressful or perhaps anxious over.

Together we can overcome this hurdle. We will work on a tailored action plan along with methods and techniques to use to reach where you need to be with confidence. 

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop].

Stress Management 

Chronic stress can have detrimental effects on health. However, there are ways and methods to reduce high levels of stress.

Coaching & mentoring support through stress management can assist you to find suitable strategies and actions that can help you to reduce or avoid stress. 

Together we can include a coping plan/s that can be implemented at the time of your need.

Also set out to overcome long term stress through boosting your energy with tailored plans you need.

These sessions provide much needed help to those suffering with mental health issues.

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop].


This can be a strain when you feel you have a task, work project, exam or something to complete that you feel for one reason or another a disinterest and or finding an excuse to delay or even put off, but it needs doing.

Now close your eyes, relax and imagine how you will feel when reaching your destination, completed and that pride of achievement or success and perhaps reward.

Coaching & mentoring will support you to raise that motivation and through planning to overcome a possible negative feeling or attitude, to a feeling of a more durable and or positive approach, step by step.

Together we will find paths to get you out of your comfort zone.


There are times when we need an unbiased view on things and to have the support that is non-judgemental, while still providing the support to help reach the answer/s.

Coaching & mentoring support will do all of the above and give you through planning the direction you wish to seek to reach your final decision. This will help you to overcome personal barriers and enable you to move forward confidently.

 Career & CV Development

Have you been out of work for a while?  Perhaps being overlooked?  Maybe not selling yourself?  Perhaps you are seeking a change of career?

It maybe that you are starting out as a school leaver or student and would welcome a positive start.

Coaching & mentoring will help you to build your confidence, to work on an action plan and take the big steps you need for job readiness and career development for your journey ahead.

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop]. See news & events section, heading, career evolution for further details. 


Life can cause us unwanted influences and or lead us a direction that is not favourable. Stopping a pattern of such actions or behaviour can become very difficult. This in turn can bring about heavy consequences.

Don’t let this damage your future. This may also affect or harm others in the process.

If problems exist or perhaps escalating, then do something about it. Seek the help you need now.

Coaching & mentoring sessions will help you to untangle and address unwanted problems or issues and can provide a tailored support plan for effective interventions and to support you to make positive changes to greater effect.

There may not be a quick fix, but with your willingness and determination to succeed and to work with your coach or mentor will ensure support will be there for you step by step or as you need it, to enable you to turn things around and to get back on the right track.

Support Planning & Goals

The process for planning and setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in your life. By knowing what you want to achieve, you will know where to concentrate your efforts. Your goals of all kinds.

Coaching & mentoring sessions will give you that extra support, guidance, encouragement and motivation.

Support will be there for you step by step or as you need it and keep you on the right track as you achieve your chosen goals.

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop]. 

Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that we can use and may display from time to time. If you feel that it can reach an uncontrollable level, then do something about it now, don’t let anger harm you and or others and relationships.

Coaching & mentoring can support you to address problems or issues that make you reach anger or rage level.

Coaching & mentoring sessions will focus on what triggers of the anger and to find suitable strategies and ways to help you control and prevent outbursts of anger.

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop].

Family Mediation

Sometimes we need that unbiased view and non-judgemental support to help untangle the problem/s, issue/s or conflict that may have become unmanageable and or perhaps escalating.

Coaching & mentoring will provide that overall support and through gathering all the necessary information will look at the big picture to support the family to resolve their differences or actions to reach an amicable solution and or a way forward.


Will give you a sense of deep relaxation and the feeling of calm.

The sessions provide you with support focused on appropriate suggestions by the coach.

These positive suggestions is about empowerment. The suggestions help people to make positive changes within themselves. 

[In a hypnotherapy session you are always in control and you are not made to do anything].

Life Balance & Goals

This is important for wellbeing. Therefore you may wish look at all areas of your life, by doing so, you may recognise other areas that may need attention, not initially identified.  

A coaching session will open the door to support you and guide you through your own self-assessment.

One method used in this process is called “your wheel of life” this is to highlight through a structured coaching method to look at all areas of your life and for you to assess and decide if any action is needed to achieve chosen goals and or improve your quality of life.

Coaching & mentoring support will be there to help you to reach your destination and or your path to success.

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop].

Staff Skills Coaching

Additional coaching: delivering to clients support plans & goals using a successful system and record keeping. Also if required support on client assessments a proven system.

You may wish to consider some team building, this will increase team skills, communication and improve morale and productivity.

I can provide supervision sessions, a tool that will benefit individual performance, appraisal and team growth.

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop].

  Young Adults & Students Support 

I will deliver coaching & mentoring to those that may need extended support with motivation or confidence, through their study assignments, education / career development or perhaps with a hindrance or interference that is blocking potential and achievements.

I will deliver support to  students / young adults who are educationally and or socially disengaged through one-to-one and family support.

Key areas: emotional and behavioural issues – stress, anxiety, aggression, problem solving. 

Home Cooking & Baking

Cooking or baking sessions, suitable for beginners and those who wish to develop further personally or professionally, tailored to meet your support needs. 

[Sessions available for one-to-one or groups/workshop].


Sessions designed to assist with self development and or team development to meet with your requirements. This can include any support plan or programme or training you may wish to undertake and that will meet with your aspirations & goals.

School / college / university / day centre / family & community support.

   Lawrie Scott Qualified Life Coach & Mentor.                                                  

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